UNQUENCHED: Music from Baudelaire In A Box, Episode 9

by Theater Oobleck

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Theater Oobleck's second studio album of music from its Baudelaire In A Box song cycle features 14 new songs composed by some of the Chicago indie music scene’s best songwriters including Reid Coker (The Judy Green, Billy Blake and The Vagabonds) Annie Higgins (Weatherman), Angela James, Ronnie Kuller (Mucca Pazza, Tom Musick), Abraham Levitan (Baby Teeth, Nerds On Tour), Mark Messing (Operamatic, Mucca Pazza), and Joey Spilberg (Bad Mashedi) as well as Theater Oobleck’s Jeff Dorchen, Mickle Maher, and Chris Schoen, as well as New Mexico songwriter David Costanza (Lords of Howling, Art of Flying).

"If your heart is not a total fake..."

The music is interpreted and arranged by band that includes James, Kuller, Schoen, and Spilberg, as well as Emmy Bean and T-Roy Martin from Baudelaire In A Box Episode 7: The King Of Rain, and David E. Smith (Mucca Pazza, Expo 76).


released May 20, 2017

Emmy Bean: Voice, Percussion
Angela James: Voice, Guitar
Ronnie Kuller: Accordion, Piano, Violin, Percussion
T-Roy Martin: Voice, Trombone, Ukulele
Chris Schoen: Voice, Guitar
David E. Smith: Clarinet, Saxophone
Joey Spilberg: Bass

Engineered and mixed by John Szymanski at Maestro-Matic
Mastered by Brooce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering
Cover art by Dave Buchen
Cover design by Chris Schoen



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Destruction
Incessantly, the demon fidgets at my side and swims around like an air intangible,
I swallow him, and feel him burn my lungs, and I’m filled with a guilty desire

Sometimes he takes, la da da, da da da, da dah,
Knowing my love of art
Sometimes he takes, the form of the most seductive woman
And under specious pretexts,
Accustoms my lips to the most despicable love potion

And in this way, he drives me from the gaze of god,
Panting and panting, and broken, by fatigue
To the middle, of the plains of ennui
Profound and deserted

And throws in my face full of confusion,
linens soiled by open wounds,
and the bleeding apparatus of The Destruction.

(c) 2016 Joey Spilberg
Track Name: The Offended Moon
Observe! The opulent offended moon,
Whom hippies once fawned over much like a God.
Observe! The rock-star his back to the crowds
Alone in his star-spangled black velvet room.

Too much! The ecstatic tripping-machine,
A sky-clad parade full of titties & ass
Too much! The sensual snakes-in-the-grass
& spent-lovers sleep-staring all through the scene

Are you still chasing movie-stars all through the night?
French-kissing record executives' wives?
Living the Dream but the dream isn't life?

"O, to be onstage, unknown and invisible
Spy your mother ancient and cool,
Reflect in her infinity-pool:
I might be broken, but I'm real.”

(c) 2016 littleheartlittledove
Track Name: Autumn Sonnet
Your eyes
clear and mute ask
lover, where are you at?

Be beautiful and shut up.
My heart, which all things irk
except, the candor of,
a primal animal.

hands invite me,
into long slumbers

Let us love gently
Oh love in his box
I know, the weapons in his arsenal….

Crime, horror and folly
oh my pale daisy
are you not an autumn sun?

O my so white
O my so cold
O Marguerite….

(c) 2016 Annie Higgins
Track Name: The Voice
I grew up next to a bookcase — a tall
Babel with histories, row upon row
The ashes of Greek and Latin — all
Mingled. When I was high as a folio

I heard two voices speaking. The first said “Be wise;
The world is a big delicious cake, my friend!
You need an appetite of similar size
And if you heed my counsel, your joys will have no end.”

The other voice said, “Come travel with me in dreams,
Far beyond the range of the possible and known
And in it I heard the music of winds and streams
Blown from nowhere and into nowhere blown —

A phantom cry — a sound to captivate.
And I said, “I will, lovely voice!” And from
That hour was sealed my disastrous fate
Now I always see behind the worldly tedium!

The tedium of…
Finite semblances, while beyond this zone
I see distinctly another world
And yet I wear with loathing these mortal toils, as one
Dragging serpents round his ankles curled.

And from that day, like a prophet of Palestine
I love the wilderness — I love the sea
I find my joy in harsh, sour wine
I smile in sad moments and weep amid gaiety!

I take fact for illusion, and with my own eyes
Fixed on the heavens, I fall into holes
But the Voice says, “Guard your dreams, fool! The wise
Have none so beautiful as you.” And the voice consoles!

(c) 2016 No Means No Music
Track Name: The Fortunetellers
The tribe of fortunetellers hit the road yesterday
With passion in their eyes to light their way
Ravenous children on their backs
Feeding from the ever-lactating breasts that sway

The men have knives than shine
As they walk beside the wagons
And they sweep the distant skies
And they weep for long-dead dragons

The cricket when he sees the travelers pass
Amplifies his song, and then the grass
Grows more green and lush
And the desert starts to flower
In honor of their power

The men have knives than shine
As they walk beside the wagons
And they sweep the distant skies
And they weep for long-dead dragons

With the love the goddess has for them
She clears the future's paths for them
So they can read the shadows
In the landscape of tomorrow
They can read the shadows
In the landscape of tomorrow

The men have knives than shine
As they walk beside the wagons
And they sweep the distant skies
And they weep for long-dead dragons

And they can read the shadows
In the landscape of tomorrow
And they can read the shadows
In the landscape of tomorrow

(c) 2016 Jeff Dorchen
Track Name: The Drag
If your heart is not a total fake
Inside it sits a yellow snake
Saying all you do is a MISTAKE

Just try and make some sexy time
With some stone fox, yeah, NEVER MIND

Go on make babies, plant some trees
Hammer out your poetry
The Snake says MEH, WHATEVER, MAN
Do what you can
Until your final sucking gasp
There's no let-up from that FUCKING ASP

(c) 2016 Ronnie Kuller and Mickle Maher
Track Name: Lethe
Linger next my heart, heartless.
Adorable tiger, lazy carcass,
Linger there. I'll feast my fingers
in your heavy hair

And push my face in your skirt
And drink your perfume
And smell the extinguished bloom
of our love that lies dead in the dirt

Sleep, I want sleep, not life.
In a sleep that knows death's bliss,
without remorse I kiss
your copper limbs all night

And roll in the hole of your bed
As my tears vanish in its abyss
Oh, your lips are oblivion's pit
And the Lethe runs through your kiss

And my doom is now my delight
Like a martyr who gets excite-ed
Waiting for the pain
My joy is my chains

And To drown my spite I'll be sucking
Nepenthe and hemlock from the jutting
Tips of your breasts a la carte,
Those breasts that guard no heart

(c) 2016 Mark Messing and Mickle Maher
Track Name: Megaera Blues
I am just a golden schoolboy
Floatin through the town
Sorceress of my allusion
Sweet Havana brown

I can smoke and drink til daytime
And walk a midnight mile

When I meet your mystic lips
Like drinkin from the Nile

Lusty little bonfire bust
Huffin up yer funky musk

Fill my head a smoke jet-black
Givin' me a cataract

Murder me, Megaera blues

I ain’t got the hoodoo stuff

River runnin high, my muse

You spendin all my trust funds up

Glowin pepper berry eyes

Burnin anaconda thighs

Making love the blood runs faster
I could never be your master

Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata
Sed non satiata

(c) 2016 sawyersongs (ASCAP)
Track Name: Causerie
Autumn night
Twilight of roses clear
You in your scarlet sky of mirrors

Creatures climb
Out of the depths of me
Glimmering lips of brine
Salt of the darkest sea
Glittery weeds that seed in time

Hunt my heart
Bounty of birds and beasts
Tendered by Persian paws
Rendered by seagulls raw
Beautiful bloody faces feast

Flung my love
Opened my kingdom dome
Murderous hungry hogs
Shit on the onyx stone
Sunk in disease my healthy home

Crazy circus eyes like flues
Feed to the fire
What the rest have refused

(c) 2016 sawyersongs (ASCAP)
Track Name: Remorse Of A Daredevil
Once all the scarlet lovers vowed
To leave none of their joys unspoken
Now look at me, my arms are broken
For I had dared to clasp a cloud

Farewell to every star but one
Gleaming in the deepest skies
The only lights my scalded eyes
Can see are memories of the sun

It all seemed to be mine for the taking
The bosom and the heart of space
And then an eye of fire–what is this place?
Suddenly my wings are breaking

By beauty I am burned to dust
Never to intone the prayer
Christening the inky Nowhere
Where I will never lie in rest

(c) 2016 Blooms Unbearable
Track Name: Obsession
Great old woods, you frighten me
Like cathedrals, roar like organs
rooms of endless mourning
rooms of endless mourning
meet the echo of profound

I hate you ocean!
Your tumult and your motion
A bitter laugh, a defeated man
full of sobs and insults
I hear laughter in the sea…
Laughter in it’s enormity

How you would please me, oh night
without these stars!
Whose light speak a known language
I seek the void, the black, and the naked

I hate you ocean!
Your bounding, endless motion
A bitter laugh, a defeated man,
full of sobs and insults

I hear laughter in the sea….
Laughter in it’s enormity
I hear laughter in the sea…
Laughter in it’s enormity

(c) 2016 Annie Higgins
Track Name: Sad Madrigal
What do I care if you are wise
Be beautiful, be sad it adds charm to your eyes
As streams do the valley, as storms flowers revive
I love you so much more when joy has fled your life

Your heart’s lost in horror, The past clouds your now
But I love you when tears are hot as blood on the brow
My hands cannot comfort, your pain and cries they soar
With pleasure I breathe in your deep and wonderful hymn

Every sob from your chest makes your heart
Glow brighter and lighter ‘neath the pearls of your eyes

I know your heart is full of old loves cast aside
That blaze like a stove with all the damneds pride
Just as your dreams reflect the flames of Hell
And your nightmares they teem with poison knives that fell

Loving dust and steel you open the door
Mistrusting what you feel the bell tolls once more

You will not feel the arms of lovely disgust
You are my queen who loves in shuddering thrusts
In your darkest hour your soul will sing
I am your equal and you are my King
Yes I am your equal and you are my King

(c) 2016 Queen Anne Music (BMI)
Track Name: Seven Old Men
Swarming city, drenched with dreams
Ghosts grabbing you in plain day, defiant
Mystery coursing through canals and streams
Like sap through the veins of an ancient giant

One morning I was out walking in the sad streets
All the houses were stretched by the gloom
Looking like a sunken fleet
A set dressed for an actor’s doom

A yellow fog flooded around every lamp pole
I steeled my nerves and steadied my feet
I whispered calmly to my shaky soul
While carts rumbled in the cobbled streets

Suddenly, an old man whose yellow hue
Mimicked the color of the rainy sky
I nearly said to him “What can I do--?”
But for the menace which narrowed his eyes

He stood before me
His gaze just sharpening the frosty wind
His pointy beard as stiff as a sword
Jutting forward like Judas’s chin

His mangled back seemed less bent than broken
Against his leg it made a perfect crook
His walking stick completed the joke
Gave him the gait and the awkward look

Of a wounded animal
Through snow and mud he trampled along
His dirty moccasins stamped down the dead
Like all creation had done him wrong

His doppleganger followed behind him
His very double forged in the same hell
Two uncanny ancient twins
Ambling together towards an unknown goal

What evil doings had I happened upon?
What mocking demon made what I had just spied?
I blinked seven times on this cursed dawn
Each time this wicked man had multiplied!

You might laugh at my coming unglued
Maybe you wouldn’t shiver in my stead
But notwithstanding their decrepitude
These seven phantoms were eternally undead

To have endured an eighth apparition
Might be the last thing I would ever do
So to escape my demolition
I turned my back upon this retinue

Exasperated like a drunk seeing double
I rushed home and barred my door against the city
Body in fever and my mind in trouble
Haunted by impossibility

My reason vainly tried to take command
But visions they would not abandon me
So like a mastless ship estranged from the land
My soul just danced on a borderless sea!

(c) 2016 Blooms Unbearable
Track Name: Landscape
I want to write my verses lonely
Sleep in the sky like the astrologers do
Up near the tolling bells, close to the ceiling
Face in my hands watching the eternal skyline

And the chimneys, pipes and steeples rise so high
Like masts of dark shadow ships floating in the night
I wanna see the stars blink through the purple mist
And the lamps through windows glowing bright through the darkness

Threads of smoke the moon turns silver
Springs, summers and autumns pass but the winter drags on
My doors and shutters close, I am sheltered
I can build my castle by the dim candlelight

I wanna dream of blue horizons beyond me now
And gardens of weeping waterfalls that spill from the clouds
I wanna hear the birds sing from an endless song
And all the other childish things I love have come and gone

The riot beats at my windows tonight
And knocks at my doors but I am lost in the light
Of summering springtime with my will I can find
The sun in my heart makes the air warm in my mind

(c) 2016 Queen Anne Music (BMI)