Composed by Joey Spilberg to his translation of "La Destruction" by Charles Baudelaire.


Incessantly, the demon fidgets at my side and swims around like an air intangible,
I swallow him, and feel him burn my lungs, and I’m filled with a guilty desire

Sometimes he takes, la da da, da da da, da dah,
Knowing my love of art
Sometimes he takes, the form of the most seductive woman
And under specious pretexts,
Accustoms my lips to the most despicable love potion

And in this way, he drives me from the gaze of god,
Panting and panting, and broken, by fatigue
To the middle, of the plains of ennui
Profound and deserted

And throws in my face full of confusion,
linens soiled by open wounds,
and the bleeding apparatus of The Destruction.

(c) 2016 Joey Spilberg


from UNQUENCHED: Music from Baudelaire In A Box, Episode 9, released May 20, 2017
Chris Schoen: vocal
Emmy Bean: vocal
Angela James: vocal
T-Roy Martin: trombone
David E. Smith: saxophone
Joey Spilberg: acoustic bass



all rights reserved