Composed by Angela James to her translation of "Madrigal Triste" by Charles Baudelaire.


What do I care if you are wise
Be beautiful, be sad it adds charm to your eyes
As streams do the valley, as storms flowers revive
I love you so much more when joy has fled your life

Your heart’s lost in horror, The past clouds your now
But I love you when tears are hot as blood on the brow
My hands cannot comfort, your pain and cries they soar
With pleasure I breathe in your deep and wonderful hymn

Every sob from your chest makes your heart
Glow brighter and lighter ‘neath the pearls of your eyes

I know your heart is full of old loves cast aside
That blaze like a stove with all the damneds pride
Just as your dreams reflect the flames of Hell
And your nightmares they teem with poison knives that fell

Loving dust and steel you open the door
Mistrusting what you feel the bell tolls once more

You will not feel the arms of lovely disgust
You are my queen who loves in shuddering thrusts
In your darkest hour your soul will sing
I am your equal and you are my King
Yes I am your equal and you are my King

(c) 2016 Queen Anne Music (BMI)


from UNQUENCHED: Music from Baudelaire In A Box, Episode 9, released May 20, 2017
T-Roy Martin: vocal, ukulele
David E. Smith: clarinet
Joey Spilberg: acoustic bass



all rights reserved